Become the best version of yourself

Welcome! I am Francesca, I am 23 years old and I work in Milan as a business analyst. Twenty Living is my last project, a space all about career and personal growth. In this website, I will share my experiences and my post-graduation journey in order to help other young students and graduates making their first steps into adult life. 

What are you going to find on Twenty Living? 

  • Tips and guides on how to find your first job after graduation
  • Free resources on how to get through life as a young worker
  • Tips on personal growth – from finding motivation to work to becoming more productive and organised

My journey

I studied economics and marketing in Italy, and I decided to continue my studies with a master degree abroad (in Amsterdam), where I learned about digital business. 

After working for a year and a half in a dutch start-up, I came back to Italy to start a new journey in consulting.

As a graduate, it was not too easy to adapt to adult life and getting all the tools and skills I needed to find a job. Graduate resources on the web were not enough or not exactly what I needed. So I improved by getting feedbacks from companies I applied to and books on the subject.

The goal behind Twenty Living is to share everything I am learning in my post-graduate life. If these themes are interesting to you follow this website and subscribe to the newsletter.